nHance™ Peptide Capture System (PCS)

Advanced  Peptide Extraction Solutions

The nHance Peptide Capture System (PCS) is a revolutionary, proprietary nanotechnology developed specifically for peptide sample preparation and quantification. This innovative bioanalytical tool eliminates many of the cumbersome steps associated with other approaches. The nanoporous coating at the heart of this system retains peptides within its nanopores based on size, electrostatic interaction optimizations and chemico-physical surface modifications. 


Mechanisms of Action

The technology primarily utilizes three key principles to engage and retain peptides on to its nanoporous surface: Electrostatic Interaction, Size Exclusion and Ion Pairing/Hydrophobicity.

Size Exclusion

The pores of the nHance PCS system was specifically engineered to capture molecules ranging in size from approximately 500 to 10,000 Da.

Electrostatic Interaction

The inherent surface charge of the nHance coating is negative, therefore by adjusting the pH of the sample to drive the target analyte to a positive charge state can significantly improve overall recovery of the molecule(s) of interest.

Ion Pairing/ Hydrophobicity

Simple surface chemistry modifications of the nHance coating can be employed for the extraction of negative and/or hydrophobic peptide targets and can be performed at the bench, or integrated into the nHance manufacturing process (please contact us for any special orders).


nHance™   PCS Technology Summary


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