nHance™ Peptide Capture System (PCS)

The nHance Peptide Capture System (PCS) is an innovative solution for sample enrichment and extraction for LC-MS/MS bioanalysis that comes with linearity, accuracy and precision as required by regulatory bodies, and sensitivities as required per your needs. It offers a fast and effective sample cleanup of common ion-suppressing contaminants that result in low peak intensities and compromised peptide detection. The nHance PCS is an enabling technology for MS analysis by increasing signal-to-noise through the reduction/elimination of interfering complex sample components while using only 45-60 minutes of your valuable time to prepare your sample.

Why nHance™ PCS?

​The Pharmaceutical Challenge:

The emergence of ‘biologics’ in the pharmaceutical industry is gradually capturing interest away from the development of conventional small molecule drugs.  This progression towards biologics has effectively created an unforeseen unmet need in the drug development lifecycle where conventional sample cleanup methods that are highly effective for small molecule drug formations are clumsy, ineffective, and time consuming when applied to large molecule pharmaceuticals.


nHance PCS is a simple and flexible platform enables quick method development for a rapid workflow that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, provides clean samples, is easily transferable and does not require use of critical reagents or special equipment.

  • Save Time for Faster Development Times:

    • Avoid critical reagents and save up to 6 months

    • Run a quick workflow takes a total of 45-60 minutes, which includes a 30 minute incubation period

    • Develop complex assays in 1 week or less

    • Save time by developing methods that are easily transferable from discovery to regulated environments

    • Detect multiple peptides simultaneously

  • Simple and Flexible Platform:

    • Enhance predictability through lower variability resulting from our simple workflow

    • Enable ease of adopting current workflows used by bioanalysts

    • Adopt a workflow for peptides with similar characteristics with little or no change

    • Accommodate preclinical and clinical studies with flexible volumes requirements, ranging from ng/mL to pg/mL

  • Clean Samples

    • Effective reduction of matrix without compromising on sensitivity

    • Allow for easily transfer workflows between hands and labs as clean samples lead to reproducibility

  • Robust, Validated Method

    • Meet or exceed regulatory requirements while having a reproducible and easily transferable method

    • Meet pre-clinically relevant sensitivities in picogram range, like LBAs

  • Save Money and Resources

    • Eliminate use of special equipment, such as vacuum manifolds and trays, unlike those used in SPE

    • Eliminate use of special reagents that are not budget-friendly, unlike those used in LBA

nHance™ General Method & Workflow

The nHance PCS workflow consists of three critical steps: 1) Loading, 2) Washing, & 3) Elution.  Please refer to attached appendices for more application specific instructions.


Loading:  This step consists of employing the appropriate pH sample modulation for your target analyte, and the introduction of an organic to “loosen” the peptide structure to encourage loading into the nHance nanoporous coating.


Wash:  The washing steps are employed to remove any uncaptured proteins, salts, and other extraneous components commonly contained in complex biological matrices.  Washing solutions are intended to remove unwanted sample material without impacting the retention of the target analytes loaded within the nHance nanoporous coating. 

Elution: Peptide extraction is achieved by employing the same principals and strategy used when loading the peptides from a complex matrix.  The elution solution will have the appropriate pH and organic modifier to elicit peptide release from the nHance™ material to promote optimal peptide recovery

Simultaneous Peptide Detection
Product Specifications

Operating Molecular Weight

Approximately 500 - 10,000 Daltons

nHance™ Coating Material

Proprietary mesoporous silica

Form Factor

Standard 96-well microtiter plate, max volume 380 mL

Suggested Operational Sample Volume

20 - 100 µL

Sample Compatibility

Serum, Plasma, Surrogate Matrices, Urine, Cerebrospinal Fluid


nHance PCS - 1-Pack


nHance PCS - 5-Pack

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