The nHance™ Peptide Capture System is a revolutionary, patented nanotechnology developed specifically for peptide enrichment and quantification eliminating many of the cumbersome steps associated with other approaches. The nanoporous coating at the heart of this system absorbs peptides within its nanopores based on size-exclusion, electrical charge, and hydrophobicity. The peptides are first captured and then subsequently released after washing in a quick and seamless elution step for subsequent LC-MS analysis. It is truly a capture system for peptides and not a flow-through system based on retention time.  As such, this approach allows sufficient time for both the size exclusion and electrostatic mechanisms of action to be fully utilized. Unwanted molecules are removed during the washing procedures. Peptides of interest are extracted for subsequent identification and quantification absent interference from the complex matrix.



nHance™ Product


Molecular Weight Cut-Off
(Size Exclusion)
Approximately 8,000-10,000 Daltons (Depending upon peptide structure)

nHance™ Coating


Nanoporous silica
Form Factor Standard 96-Well Plate
Sample Volume 20-75µL


nHance™ PCS (1-pack)

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