A bioanalytical tool engineered for peptide enrichment in complex samples

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nHance™ Peptide Capture System (PCS)

Fast, simple and effective sample preparation to meet your FDA regulated bioanalytical needs

The nHance PCS 96-Well Plate is an innovative sample processing solution for peptide and protein enrichment of biological fluids that enables LCMS analysis. nHance PCS enables quick method development with a rapid workflow that meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, provides clean samples, is easily transferable and does not require use of critical reagents or special equipment. 

Simple and flexible nHance PCS workflow not only enables you to develop a robust, validated method with cleaner samples, but also saves you time, money and other resources.


Here's how we help you achieve your goals:

Quick, 45-60 minute, workflow


Effective reduction of matrix effects


Linear, accurate, and precise results that abide by regulatory requirements

Sensitivities that meet clinical and preclinical requirements


Method development time of 1 week or less


Easily transferable method from bioanalyst-to-bioanalyst, laboratory-to-laboratory, and discovery to development


Critical reagent-free peptide enrichment

No special equipment required (e.g. vacuum manifolds and trays)

Easily program retention and release of peptides at bench level by leveraging molecular weight, isoelectric point (pI), hydropathy and charge

The nHance™ PCS Advantage


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